אי ציות – Disobedience

First of all , a lovely welcome to all of you, whether this is the first time you are checking out a post of mine and also if you are returning. It has been a minute and thats simply because I have not been led to write anything in particular, now whether that is because God didn’t want me to write anything yet or I just wasn’t paying attention, I couldn’t tell you but anyway, we move because GOD IS GOOOOOD.

The topic of obedience has been laying heavily on my heart these past few weeks and I actually led a prayer call on in not too long ago and I thought this was where it would end but the Lord said “nah” so here we are. The level of conviction that might come with this post may be a lot so maybe ask the Lord for strength as you read , it has been convicting me a lot but we love conviction right ? take the time to digest, share it with your peoples as you feel led and I also pray that the Lord speaks to you through this one.

To be obedient to God means to do what He asks of you and to be disobedient simply means to refuse to do what He has asked you to do and in some cases, it also means doing that which you have been specifically asked not to do. Disobedience is first of all a sin and God doesn’t take sin lightly and we shouldn’t either and i can understand how easy it is to overlook that aspect of what it actually is and as long as we continue to do this, there isn’t going to any real change. Disobedience is a big deal and we must come to realise that when we are disobedient to God, there will be consequences for our actions whether thats directly to us or to others around us, and sometimes we don’t always see what those consequences are immediately but I can assure you that they do exist. Just as being disobedient will have its consequences, being obedient also produce good results of its own and I will give us a few biblical examples which helps us to understand this better.

In Genesis, God gave dear old Adam and Eve a simple instruction of not eating the fruit of a specific tree but they were not able to follow through, they were disobedient , they did exactly what they were told not to do. we see that the result of their disobedience is that sin enters the world and every human being that would exist would be born with the sinful nature. Can you see how one act of disobedience, one small action that probably seems insignificant could lead to something so massive for so many people ? I think this goes to show us that God is serious about the issue of sin. I know sometimes we may believe that we know what is best or that God is trying to keep us from something so good and wonderful and so we pursue after these things. Yes that something may very well be fantastic but if God has not wished it for you, it’s going against the plan He has for you then that thing actually now becomes a curse.

In the book of Joshua, we see another example of disobedience and the consequences it has and what happens really did make me sad because it seemed quite harsh and unnecessary however how I feel won’t change what has already happened. One of the things God told the people of Israel to do was to make sure they didn’t take any of the devoted items but my guy Achan (don’t know what he was thinking) did exactly that which they were asked not to do , we human beings are actually so problematic sometimes aren’t we. So anyway he takes these items and the Bible says that the Lords anger burned against Israel , this one act of disobedience that probably feels like such a small mistake led to Achan’s death. It took me a while to digest the punishment that was given to him and the way that he actually died,it seemed a little too extreme but what I am learning is God is a just God and He must judge sin however he chooses to.

Another thing we should remember is when God tells us clearly to do something whether that is to pray for someone, or to evangelise , or to pay for someone’s coffee, or to help someone financially, or to go into ministry, or to share your testimony, and the list goes on and on, there is a reason behind it. So if there is a reason behind what He has asked you to do, we must begin to see that it is important and it has a purpose and we might not always understand right away or even ever but that isn’t for us to worry about and it definitely should not be used as an excuse to be disobedient. I know a popular excuse that I use often is that there is someone else more gifted, qualified, obedient, and so on and so forth and I imagine a lot of us can relate. Let me just remind you that God does not require our help or suggestions on who or what He chooses to use. When He calls us , He has a purpose and a plan which are so good and whilst He will use someone else when we continue to be disobedient, He chose you first for a reason because He believes you are able to do everything that He is calling you to do with his help. We mustn’t make the mistake of making what isn’t about us all about us, and actually worry instead about how we can be better children to our Father, to trust and obey and to do it with joy in our hearts because to be used by God is an amazing privilege not to be taken for granted.

In Numbers 20 :1-13, we see how disobedience can also limit the way God works through us and how we limit future opportunities. God spoke very clearly to Moses, He gave him clear instructions on how He wanted something done but Moses did things his own way. “The Lord said to Moses, take the staff and you and your brother Aaron other the assembly together. SPEAK to that rock before their eyes and it will pour out its water” Instead “Then Moses raised his arm and STRUCK the rock twice with his staff” and we see the result that God isn’t pleased ” Because you did not trust in me enough to honour me as holy in the sight of the Israelites, you will not bring this community into the land I give them”. God wants us to trust in him completely , He requires our complete obedience not just choosing what we want to adhere to, not picking out bits we think are important and leaving the rest, by doing this we insult God , we say that his detailed plans are not part of our plans which is such a shame.

Let us be encouraged that when we are obedient, someone will be encouraged, prayers are answered, someone’s life may be changed , new friendships formed, you or someone else’s breakthrough, someone giving their life to Christ, the list is endless. Whilst you won’t always see the results of your obedience, remember that there is one and some times there are many. Although it is lovely seeing these results , not be discouraged and do not grow weary, our focus should be more on having the desire to please the Father and showing the love we have through our actions. Disobedience is a sin that has led to death for some, just incase I didn’t mention that enough. I pray this blesses you and that God speaks to you through this post and if the Holy Spirit leads you to drop a comment, then be OBEDIENT (jk but also serious) . I pray the Lord forgives us for all the times we have been disobedient and that we are looking at ways in which we can make the necessary changes, never taking the Lords mercy and kindness for granted. 1 John 1:9 – If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness” Psalm 128 :1 – Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in obedience to him” God bless you and speak soon. xo

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